York Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7:00 – 8:30 pm

Garden Street United Methodist Church



Present:  Libby Stark, Lynn Gobush, Kirsti Charlton, Jessica Bandstra, Helen Jackson, Sarah Bates, Jim Kling, Ivy Yap, Tom Scott, Dan Joyner, David Camp, Nick Hartrich, Carol Dixon, Stina Olson, Jeremy Nunnikhoven. Anne Mackie indicated she would not be present.


Guests: Jon Schilk, James Huntley


Announcements:  Kirsti introduced James Huntley, a WWU grad student (Anthropology), who will be working with theYNA on various issues. Also, Helen introduced Jon Schilk, a landscape architect who has worked with the YNA Parks committee on the redesigned Franklin Park.


Approval of minutes:  Kirsti made a motion to approve the minutes from the November board meeting.   Helen seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


I.  Current issues:


·        Garbage problem at Franklin St/Lakeway bus stop:  Helen reported that due to the ongoing issue of garbage being thrown on the ground, she contacted the WTA who agreed to install a garbage can at the bus stop. Hopefully it will reduce the amount of garbage blowing around the berm and onto adjacent properties.


·        Neighborhood smell: Libby passed around a booklet prepared by Brooks Lumber in response to the large number of complaints they’ve received in the last 6 months. The booklet outlined much of the company’s history, its production processes, and what they’ve done in the last few years to contain the smell. Brooks is now proposing to change to a new treatment chemical that apparently has very little smell.


·        QC Committee name clarification:  Ivy asked for some clarification as to the official name for this committee. Several names have been used, i.e. “Quality, Quality Committee, Quality Improvement Committee, Quality Assurance Committee, etc.”  It was suggested that she contact Lesley Keenholts (chair) for clarification on the name of this committee.


·        Newsletter: Ivy and Jim reported that they had collected all the articles needed, with the exception of a few committee reports. They have a picture going into the newsletter of the newly repaired sign. Also, an obituary and picture of longtime York resident, Sophia Gilbertson will be included. The bulk of the newsletter will be the Planning survey results (Anne). The newsletter is scheduled to go to print on the 23rd, with distribution scheduled for the 29th.


·        Tree Planting: Kirsti mentioned that the tree planting day has been moved from April 5th to April 12th. Nick said trees would be delivered on Friday, April 11th for Saturday’s event. He did not have the list of tree species available due to some communications with the nursery.


·        Lakeway Crossing: Dave reported that the T.I.P. had been submitted, and that he had a recent discussion with Chris Comeau.  Dave said the conversation didn’t go all that well, and that it sounded as though the City’s technical review process would produce a favorable result for a safe crossing at Lakeway. It now appears that the subject could become a political process in which letters of support will be vital. The following have agreed to write letters of support for a safe Lakeway crossing: WWU, the WWU AS, BPAC, and WTA.


·        Franklin Park Redesign: Jonathan Schilk is a landscape architect who did the design for the new and improved Franklin Park. Recently the additional improvements suggested left a $60,000 gap in funding. However, Helen was happy to report that it looked at though Parks & Rec will large in part come through with the rest of the “wish list.” Jon then presented a rendering of the new park layout, and fielded questions / concerns by Board members. Some of the concerns were walkability, drainage, use of native trees versus varieties Jon chose. Also some concerns were raised about planning for electrical conduit, etc. in the gazebo , though it wasn’t specifically included in the plan. Jon said construction would likely begin in 2009 and could last approximately 100 days.


II. Committee reports:


All committee reports available were emailed out prior to this meeting.


·        Planning Committee:  See attached provided by Anne. 


·        Disaster Preparedness Committee:  See attached provided by Carol.


·        York RATS Committee:  See attached provided by Evan & Libby Stark.


·        Historic Preservation Committee:  See attached provided by Lynn. 


·        Rock Hill Park Steward:  No written report submitted.


·        Franklin Park Committee:  See attached provided by Helen. 


·        Wine & Roses Garden Club: See attached provided by Carol.


·        Quality Committee: No written report submitted.


·        Treasurer:  See attached provided by Helen.


·        MNAC: No written report submitted



The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30.

Submitted by Jeremy Nunnikhoven


(see attached below)





































York Planning Committee Report



York Neighborhood Planning Committee

Monday, March 3, 2008

7:00 p.m. Nelson’s Market


Attendees: Anne, Libby, Helen, Stina, Lynn, Jeremy, Nick, David


  1. agenda review—add email issue (Jeremy)


  1. Wilson Motors update- letter sent out by Nick (discussed at last Board meeting)


  1. Linda Stewart’s Neighborhood Newsletter should be e-linked to Board (Libby)


  1. Sehome needs someone to attend Samish Way Urban Village planning committee


  1. Housing sub-group write-up discussion

Overall outreach effort by Planning Committee should be aggressive –

Businesses, students, phone calls, newsletters (Lynn)

see Planning Committee calendar (Anne)

                        Send out draft of this committee’s write-up to committee (Libby)

                        Ask Chris Koch to attend a planning meeting to discuss ADU’s (Anne)

                        Coordinate with yet unformed Land Use Sub-group


  1. Transportation and Traffic subgroup discussion

Lakeway and Ellis Street traffic number one concern (consensus)

Major divider of 3 sections of neighborhood; adds to vulnerability of 

            Magnolia Triangle section being left to businesses only

Talk with Planned Parenthood’s expansion plans vis a vis that intersection with Wilson Motors (Rite-Aid?) : prime corner for multi-use (pocket zone 5A); height limits (Anne) (Land Use sub-group?)

Businesses should have buffers between parking and sidewalks (Anne, Helen)

New bus route through neighborhood rescinded (Dave)


  1. Neighborhood Survey results and comments available to Planning Committee

Confidentiality  issue (Helen)- further discussion next meeting


  1. Future meeting dates- change to first Tuesday of month at 7 p.m.


9.   YNA email listing- Jeremy will make changes so that we won’t get double mails

       and will be able to follow conversations by issue


NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING-Tuesday, April 1, 7:00 p.m., location to be determined

Disaster Preparedness Committee Report


Disaster Preparedness Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 11, 2008



1)      1600 / 1700 block of Grant

·        Carol reported there were 4 homeowners in attendance at the first York MYN (Map Your Neighborhood).  Carol did a great job of training and Ivy did a fabulous job of organizing.   Thank you!

·        Carol will work with Lynn G. from the 1300 block of Franklin to begin MYN on this block.  Ivy’s invitations will be used.

·        The committee’s goal is to provide MYN training to one block per month.


2)      Review list of owner v. renter occupied houses

a.       Libby will email Carol and Kirsten the housing list in order to determine which houses are owner occupied so these ones can be targeted for MYN.


3)      Map out what we’ve got covered by block captains now

·        Carol reviewed the list of current block captains and noted the addition of Kirsti C. on the 1400 block of Grant.  Block captains are still needed.


4)      What other neighborhoods are doing:  COB meeting recap

·        Carol and Kirsten reported that for each block participating in MYN the neighbors will receive a goody bag filled with a hard hat, flashlight, 3-way tool and other items that may come in handy during a disaster.

·        The COB meeting will be held every other month on the second Tuesday.


5)      Other items and schedule of next meeting in April

·        Kirsten and Carol will jointly write an article on this committee and MYN for the next edition of The Yorker newsletter.


Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 8 at 7:30 pm at Carol’s house.




York RATS Committee Report


Historic Preservation Committee Report


Franklin Park Committee Report



Wine and Roses Garden Club Committee Report

Quality Committee Report