York Neighborhood Association

We, the undersigned residents of the York neighborhood, wish to thank the Planning Commission for its decision on January 9, 2003, to modify the Planning Department's proposal that would have included parts of our neighborhood in the reduced-parking district.

You heard our voices and demonstrated sound leadership by responding favorably to our concerns.

We do, however, continue to have concerns about future construction of multi-family apartment or condominium complexes in our neighborhood. Our present congestion and parking problems won't go away because of your decision to not reduce parking code requirements for these new buildings. Therefore, we will continue to monitor any new construction that potentially compounds these problems.

Our commitment to preservation of the historic family homes in our neighborhood will continue to be a priority; and we are hopeful that with your leadership, the developers and City planners will recognize the importance of working with the neighborhood as projects move forward.

We look forward to participating in any public meetings that the Planning Department initiates, as mentioned at the January 9th meeting. Involvement of the impacted neighborhoods is a critical part of making the revitalization of downtown a vision we can all support.

Thank you.