Who are we and what are we about?

We are residents of the York Neighborhood who want to improve and preserve our community. The organization is now being revived after several years of dormancy. Previous to this dormant period several projects were undertaken. Some of these were: aquiring Rock Hill open space, successfully resisting a trend by developers to skirt zoning rules, and organizing a food buying club.

Current projects are: Rock Hill improvement and maintenance, annual neighborhood picnic, and a block captain/phone tree system. Many people, too numerous to name, deserve credit for their efforts in Rock Hill cleanup and maintenance, and general organizing since last spring. The list of other potential projects could grow as long as the number of ideas and needs that arise. Some potential projects are:

As neighbors we have varying incomes, backgrounds, and political opinions. We have in common, membership in the same community. In these times a sense of community may be one of our most valuable resources. The York Neighborhood Association can be an umbrella group covering committees and projects that move in quite different directions. It can also be a vehicle for a unified voice when our community needs to speak with strength.

General meetings are usually held the last Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm, probably at Lincoln Square. Committe meetings are held at the discretion of members. The next meeting will be held on Nov. 1, due to a conflict with Halloween. This meeting will include the election of officers, and discussion of bylaws, non-profit status, and possible projects or committees.

For more information, contact your block captain or phone:

Michael Chiavario or Mary Mullen at 671-3615
Wally Dunn at 733-4091
Alana Pie Shillington at 734-7935