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York Neighborhood Association - Organizational Structure

Revised 2018-01-16 1321

The YNA is governed by a Board of Directors that meets at least every other month. The general membership meets quarterly; meeting dates and locations are published in our newsletter The Yorker and posted on our home page.

Mailing Address

York Neighborhood Association
c/o 1444 Grant Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Board of Directors

Officers & Executive Committee:

President: Kim Bogren Owen

Vice President: Thomas R. Scott

Secretary: Anne Mackie

Treasurer: Cory Anderson

Board Members-at-Large:

Don Hilty-Jones

Leigh McDiarmid

Andrew Molitor

Jean Ryan

Sean Wheeler

Mark Sherman

External Representatives:

Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commissioner: Don Hilty Jones February 2015—February 2017

Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commissioner, Alternate: Anne Mackie February 2015—February 2017

Traffic Liaison (to City): Thomas R. Scott

Student Representatives: Vacancies!

WWU Campus Community Coalition Representative: Open Position (TBA)

Commitee Chairs:

Planning Committee Chair: Anne Mackie

Transportation Committee Chair: committee inactive

Historic Preservation Committee: Don Hilty-Jones

Wine and Roses Garden Club Coordinator: Anne Mackie


The Yorker Newsletter Editor: Anne Mackie

The Yorker Newsletter Layout: Mark Ellis Walker

The Yorker Online Webmaster: Thomas R. Scott

Listmaster (YNA List, Wine & Roses, et cetera): Thomas R. Scott

Harriet Spanel Park Steward: Mark Schofield

      (Harriet Spanel Park, formerly Franklin Park)

Rock Hill Park Steward: Vacancy!!!

Play equipment at Harriet Spanel Park’s northwest corner
Playground equipment at Rock Hill Park

Play equipment at Harriet Spanel Park’s northwest corner

Playground equipment at Rock Hill Park

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Please subscribe me to the following lists:

YNA List general information and announcements about YNA and local interests
Harriet Spanel Park Friends notices about Harriet Spanel Park (formerly Franklin Park) work parties
Rock Hill Friends notices about Rock Hill Park work parties
Wine & Roses Garden Club the York garden club

I’m interested in these committees:

Dumpster Day Historic Preservation
Planning Committee zoning, etc. S.T.A.R.s Saturday Trash And Recyclers