York Neighborhood Planning Committee

Monday, July 9, 2007

7:00 p.m.Nelsonís Market


Attendees:Anne Mackie, Helen Jackson, Jeremy Nunnikhoven, Kirsti Charlton, Libby Stark, Nick Hartrich, Seth Cool, Stina Olson, Tom Scott


  1. Agenda Review


  1. Approval of minutes of June 4 meeting.The minutes were not available for review.


  1. Report from the walking tour, Area 9, June 18.Jeremy reported on the walk through the alley behind Ellis St. south to Samish Way, back along Ellis St. and north to the Bellingham Grocery Outlet.He described several historic homes that are located in this area and has made a list of properties that have upkeep and appearance problems that need to be addressed.General concern about redevelopment along the Ellis St. strip was discussed, particularly in terms of how we might preserve some of the oldest historic homes in the neighborhood located on Ellis.


  1. Plan next walking tour Ė Area 8 and southern part of Area 5.It was agreed to do the next tour on Monday, July 23; meet at Nelsonís at 6:00 p.m.The final tour of the north side of Area 5 will be done August 20.


  1. Needs Assessment Survey.It was agreed to do a postcard mailing to the entire mailing list of the neighborhood (property owners in and out of the neighborhood; residents/renters; and businesses.The card will describe 3 ways to obtain the survey:1) online, 2) by requesting that a paper copy be delivered to them, or 3) a copy can be picked up at Nelsonís Market.The card will announce the Annual Neighborhood Picnic, Sept. 22 or 23, at which the committee will have a display and the survey results.Survey questions and concerns about tabulating results were discussed.Tom, Jeremy, and Anne will work on updating the York website prior to the mailing of the postcard. Jeremy will draft the postcard; Helen will contact city for assistance in obtaining mailing list and doing the printing/mailing.


  1. Report on coordinating design standards with other neighborhoods (Lynn & Elliott).Item postponed due to absences.


  1. Membership of committee.Anne distributed the membership roster.She will contact individuals to find out if they are still interested in participating on the committee.



Next Committee Meeting:Monday, August 6, 7:00 p.m. at Anneís backyard (behind Nelsonís Market)


Minutes submitted by Anne Mackie