DRAFT Minutes


York Neighborhood Planning Committee

Monday, June 4, 2007

7:00 p.m. Garden Street United Methodist Church


Attendees:Anne Mackie, Lynn Gobush, Eric Peterson, David Camp, Lisa McShane, Elliott Smith


  1. Agenda Review


  1. Approval of minutes of May 7. The minutes were approved.


  1. Report from walking tour,May 23, Area 6. and part of Area 5 along I-5†††† †††††† wall


  1. Plan next walking tour- June 18, area 9, meet at Nelsonís Market, 6 p.m.


  1. Report on coordinating design standards with other neighborhoods-


††††† Lynn reported the meeting has finally been scheduled forJune 19, 7:00 †††††††† p.m. WECU


  1. Review draft survey

††††† Anne distributed a draft neighborhood survey with 22 questions, ††††††††† programmed for on-line application through the YNA website with †††††† surveymonkey.com.Additional ways of distributing the survey such as at ††††††††††† Nelsonís Market, in fall YNA newsletter, etc. were discussed.Further work will be done on the survey,Distribution is proposedfor this summer with results tabulated and analyzed by the Annual Neighborhood Picnic, †††††††† September 22 or 23.


7,Review Area 4 property owner and business list for purposes of †††††††††† recruitment to the committee- Anne will draft a letter to send to the ††† Triangle (area 4) property owners to meet with us..

††††† It was suggested that we try to get a member of Garden Street Methodist †††††† Church on the Committee.


  1. Other agenda items

††††† Anne discussed a proposal to create a Mediation Committee on the YN ††††††† Board to promote ordinance enforcement in the neighborhood.



NextMeeting: Monday, July 2, 7:00 p.m.



Minutes submitted by Lynn Gobush