DRAFT Minutes


York Neighborhood Planning Committee

Monday, April 2, 2007

Nelson’s Market, 7:00 p.m.


Present:  Kirsti Charlton, Seth Cool, Dale Kreider, Lisa McShane, Jeremy Nunnikhoven, Stina Olson, Tom Scott, Libby Stark, Kurt Stauber


I.          Overview & Purpose of update process -- discussed


II.        Timeline – Looked at timeline of two years before plan is submitted to

to Planning Dept.


III.       City’s Update Workshop

Participants for the City's Update Workshop are Kirsti Charlton, Seth Cool and Helen Jackson


IV.       Discussed subcommittees and combination of topics.

·          Decided to combine Housing and Design Elements.

·          Will discuss other combinations, considering the number of members on the committee at present.

·          Decided to first assign members to Zoning/Land Use Areas to evaluate broad goal and objective criteria.

·          Assigned members will take notes as they evaluate their area previous to the April 23 meeting and submit the notes to the committee.

·          On April 23, everyone will meet @6pm at Nelsons for a walking tour through areas guided by the assigned member. This tour may be continued at the May 7 meeting.



Area 1-Lisa McShane, Kurt

Area 2-Jeremy

Area 4-Elliott Smith

Area 5-not assigned

Area 6-Kirsti Charlton, Libby Stark

Area 8-Tom Scott, Seth Cool, Helen Jackson

Area 9-Christina

(Area 3 and Area 5A not considered for assignment)


Minutes submitted by Helen Jackson.