York Preservation Committee Meeting Minutes

November 12 2006  4-5:30 p.m



Attended: Anne and  Barbara


Discussed plans to move forward with  National Historic District certification.


Discussed : Boundaries and identifying houses which would be considered "contributing to historic area‹that is houses which have retained their original  and architectural integrity. Question of how large an area. Possibilities: smaller area, bounded Lakeway south, Fraser, North, Iron alley East and Ellis West. Or broader area to include Triangle area.





1. Develop a York Neighborhood Web site, patterned after National Historic district: "Nettletons  Addition Spokane, WA".  Check out their great web site:




Get a WWU student to develop web site.


2. Collect  oral histories  and photos from folks who lived in neighborhood 50 or more years ago. Barbara will contact Irene Baker.


3. Encourage individuals to research their own homes and block.


Action Items:


Anne will write up job description for WWU students for web site and oral histories and send to Kristi.


Anne  will contact Kathy J, to see if shešs willing to help determine which structures are contributing and which are not based on photos.


Barbara contacted  Kathy Newell  regarding York Neighborhood map with construction dates based on County Assessor Records.


Kate doesnšt know how construction data were originally derived.


Data only  available  for residential  structures, not commercial. We could have map within a week.


Check with Planning Academy to see if we could use those funds to pay for map.


Charge to produce this would be about $30. Probably best idea is to have it on disc.


Barbara checked with Toni regarding entering data into state data base. Museum will probably get a work  source person to  enter information and

digital  images onto the State's Inventory database.


Toni will email Anne a map.


Next meeting  Wed. December  13, 2006, Nelsons Market 7:00-8:00 p.m



Submitted Barbara Davenport