York Preservation Committee Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2006



Libby, Barbara, Carol, Lynn, Ray, Toni, (Interns: Marie and Steven)


Action Items:

1. Barbara will check with state archives to see how to input data  the interns have collected  into state system.


2. Barbara will meet with Vaughn Hagen for history on Norway Hall and to see if therešs any interest in the Scandinavian community in researching York.


3. At next meeting we will discuss whether to move meeting to first Wed. of the month so Anne Mackie can attend.


4. We will all encourage others to research their homes


Agenda Items

1. Listing of historic homes


Interns have completed 1200,1300, and 1400 blocks of Ellis and the triangle.


They are researching specific homes in depth.


Marie and Steven reported some of their in depth findings. (See below, email from Toni Nagel)


2. Process for Local Designation.


Toni suggested we contact Jackie Lynch and Katie Franks, which Barbara has done.


3..Summary of April 22 Museum workshop on historic house research.


4. Heritage tree preservation issues.


Barbara is interested having trees included in neighborhood historic preservation and in designating "heritage" trees in  neighborhood plans. She is pursuing a "heritage tree ordinance" for the City of Bellingham.


5. Revisit issue of local/national designation. Group again affirmed our desire to move forward with local historic designation through city council.


6. Update on zoning.  We discussed issue of Muljatšs comments regarding rezone.


Next meeting  Wed. June  14



Submitted Barbara Davenport


EMAIL FROM TONI NAGEL regarding  progress on historic home inventory.


Hi Barbara,


We are planning to join you at 7 p.m. on Wed., May 10th and Marie and

Steven will give you a report of their work so far.  They have photographically documented all houses on the East side of Ellis Street and are ready to begin architectural descriptions and documented some occupant histories.  If anyone has completed any house histories for any of the structures on Ellis, please let us know so we won't duplicate work.  Once they have completed these state worksheets for these houses, they will move onto structures in the triangle area across Ellis.


We are able to bring up current owners from the Tax Assessor's website, so it was a good learning exercise for Steve and Marie and they have recorded this on the forms.




Toni L. Nagel, Photo Archivist/Curator

Whatcom Museum of History & Art

121 Prospect Street, Bellingham, WA  98225

360-676-6981 ext. 208 phone

360-738-7409 fax