Disaster Preparedness Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 11, 2008



1)      1600 / 1700 block of Grant

·        Carol reported there were 4 homeowners in attendance at the first York MYN (Map Your Neighborhood).  Carol did a great job of training and Ivy did a fabulous job of organizing.   Thank you!

·        Carol will work with Lynn G. from the 1300 block of Franklin to begin MYN on this block.  Ivy’s invitations will be used.

·        The committee’s goal is to provide MYN training to one block per month.


2)      Review list of owner v. renter occupied houses

·        Libby will email Carol and Kirsten the housing list in order to determine which houses are owner occupied so these ones can be targeted for MYN.


3)      Map out what we’ve got covered by block captains now

·        Carol reviewed the list of current block captains and noted the addition of Kirsti C. on the 1400 block of Grant.  Block captains are still needed.


4)      What other neighborhoods are doing:  COB meeting recap

·        Carol and Kirsten reported that for each block participating in MYN the neighbors will receive a goody bag filled with a hard hat, flashlight, 3-way tool and other items that may come in handy during a disaster.

·        The COB meeting will be held every other month on the second Tuesday.


5)      Other items and schedule of next meeting in April

·        Kirsten and Carol will jointly write an article on this committee and MYN for the next edition of The Yorker newsletter.


Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 8 at 7:30 pm at Carol’s house.