York Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

7:04 – 8:27 pm

Garden Street United Methodist Church



Present:  Anne Mackie, Carolyn Mulder, , Helen Jackson, George Liepart, Barbara Davenport, Tom Scott and Libby Stark.  Jeff Bates indicated he would not be present.


Guests: Nick Hartich


Announcements:  Libby Stark passed around a flyer announcing a “researching your home” workshop in January.  Anne Mackie acknowledged the work by Tom Scott, Carolyn Mulder and Libby on the holiday caroling and wagon ride.


Approval of minutes:  Anne made a motion to approve the minutes from the November board meeting.   George seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


I.  Current issues with an upcoming deadline:


·        January general meeting agenda:  The January general meeting will be Wednesday, 1/16 at 7 pm at GSUMC.  Publicity will include announcements in the newspapers, signs around the neighborhood (similar to campaign signs).  Board members are asked to bring cookies.  Agenda items will include board elections, committee recruitment, and neighborhood plan update.  As there is difficulty getting attendees to commit to committees, it was suggested to emphasize follow-up by committee chairs.  It is expected ALL board members attend this meeting.  The City of Bellingham has a new neighborhood coordinator, Linda Stewart, who is welcome to attend the general meeting but will also be invited to the February board meeting.


·        Board elections:  The list of nominees was published in the November issue of The Yorker.  Tom requested a list be emailed to him.  There was discussion of changing the quorum to 8 or 9 people (current quorum is 5 people) given the 19 candidates; the by-laws would need to be amended.  Barbara Davenport stated she would not like to be on the board this year but would like to remain active in the Historic Preservation Committee.  New officers will be elected by the board from among the board members (Article VII of the by-laws).


·        MNAC representative and alternate:  Tom reports that the NTSP (Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program) grant and TIP (Transportation Improvement Project) grant will be due in the spring.  Tom will serve as MNAC rep for one more year but is in need of an alternate.  Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6:30 – 9.  It was suggested Libby attend as alternate.  Helen and Tom discussed the contract modification for the planning academy grant and that it will carry over to 2008.  Tom attended the ABN meeting and states that ABN now has a bulk mailing permit that is available for neighborhood use.  ABN is currently reviewing their 2008 goals.


·        WWU Late Night Shuttle: Anne notes that the Late Night Shuttle is no longer coming north on Humboldt and west on Potter.  The route has been changed to stopping on Lakeway.  WWU has mentioned several other routes; those in attendance still prefer the route north on Lincoln, Meador to State.


·        Newsletter deliveries: Libby passed around the newsletter sign up sheet and reiterated the requirement of board members delivering at least one block.   A newsletter delivery coordinator will be needed at the beginning of the year.



II. Committee reports:


·        Planning Committee:  See attached provided by Anne. 


·        Disaster Preparedness Committee:  See attached provided by Libby.


·        York RATS Committee:  See attached provided by Evan Stark.


·        Historic Preservation Committee:  See attached provided by Barbara. 


·        Rock Hill Park Steward:  No written report submitted.


·        Franklin Park Committee:  See attached provided by Helen. 


·        Garden Club: No written report submitted.


·        Quality Committee: No written report submitted.


·        Treasurer:  See attached provided by Helen. 


III. Current Issues




Topics for next board meeting: January board meeting agenda, board elections.


The meeting adjourned at 8:27.

Submitted by Libby Stark



York Planning Committee Report

The York Planning Committee took a break this month and did not meet, but hopefully the "subgroups" -- 5 of 'em -- did meet!  Our next meeting is Monday, January 7, 7:00 p.m. at the Methodist Church.


Disaster Preparedness Committee Report

No meeting was held in December.  Next meeting will be Wednesday, January 30 at 7 pm at Carol’s house. 


York RATS Committee Report

We continue to meet every other Saturday (next clean up will be Saturday, 12/22 at 8 am at Nelson’s) and will begin cleaning up south of Lakeway.


Historic Preservation Committee Report

Next meeting: Tues., Jan  15, 2008  7-8:30 at Ian Thompson’s house: 1318 N Forest.   The stairs up from Forest are poorly lighted and steep and cracked, so bring flashlights.

No preservation meeting held in Dec.


Historic Preservation Consultant:  Katie Franks expects the consultant (who will work with 3 neighborhoods-York, Lettered St and South Hill) to be hired soon and have a

contact by early January.


Each neighborhood needs to recruit volunteers to help with Preserve America house  inventory.  Anyone interested is encouraged to sign up for a training:


Saturday, January 12th, 2008

9:30 am ­ 1:00 pm

Washington State Archives Building

808 25th Street, WWU campus

Registration is required and space is limited.


Priority will be given volunteers working on the Preserve America historic resource survey project (must register by Friday January 4th).  To register contact: Susan Fahey

Washington State Northwest Regional Archives, (360) 650-4911 or Susan.Fahey@wwu.edu


Franklin Park Committee Report

Franklin Park Work Party

Saturday, January 19, 9am-12pm at Franklin Street Island just south of Lakeway


Students from Western and Bellingham volunteers will be in our neighborhood for Martin Luther King Day to ready the street island for planting in 2008. Please stop by for an hour, two or three to share in this community project.


Franklin Park Committee Decisions on Priorities 

Scoring on Optional Improvements from the Base Bid Summary

Meetings, 5:15pm, November 16, 2007 and November 28, 2007

Both meetings attended by: Jonathan Schilk, Ruthie Vergin, Vilma Camp(2x), Melanie Pacific(2x), Jeff Bates(2x), Heather Alvis(2x), Miguel Boriss, Nick Hartridge and Helen Jackson(2x)

Submitted by Helen Jackson, Coordinator


Bold: to be included in 2008 Grant Funds

Non-bold or italics: secondary inclusion for 2008

Italics: to be excluded in 2008 or permanently (see notation)


Inclusion status from meetings:

Item by scoring placement




Included for 2008

 1. Trees with 2-year maintenance agreement



$ 16,650.00

Included for 2008

 2. Crushed Limestone Path



$   7,000.00

Included for 2008

 3. Bollards @$450 /ea.



$   1,800.00

Included for 2008:


 4. Standard Concrete Paving (Picnic Tables)

     ˝ paving for two tables



$   1,085.54

Included for 2008

 5. Standard Concrete Paving (Park Benches)



$   1,315.80

Included for 2008

 6.  New Park Sign



$   2,500.00

Included for 2008

 7.  Park Benches



$   1,315.80

Included for 2008

 8.  Picnic Tables Type B (6’ Long) @$750



$   1,500.00

Included for 2008

 9.  Trash Receptacles @$1596 /ea.



$   3,192.00

Excluded permanently

10.  Drinking Fountain



[$ 2,500.00]

Excluded permanently

10.  Drinking Fountain Installation



[$ 2,500.00]

Excluded permanently

11.  Trash Receptacle ‘See #9”



[$ 1,596.00]

Excluded permanently

12.  Bike Rack



[$ 1,400.00]

Excluded Permanently

12. Concrete for Bike Rack



[($   701.76]

Included paid for by Parks

13. Concrete Strip at base of slope



$   1,600.00

Secondary Inclusion for 2008

14.  Shelter and Installation




Secondary Inclusion for 2008

14.  Shelter Footings



[$ 4,300.00]

Excluded for 2008

15.  Picnic Table Type A (3’ square) @$2354 /ea.



[$ 4,708.00]

Excluded for 2008

15. ˝ Standard Concrete Paving (Picnic tables)



[$ 1,085.53]

Excluded for 2008

15.  Asphalt Paving w/ base for basketball court



[$ 8,250.00]

Excluded for 2008

16.  Remove & Dispose of asphalt b-court



[$ 1,960.00]

Excluded for 2008

16.  Reset basketball post



[$   450.00]

Secondary Inclusion for 2008

17.  Concrete for Shelter & Approach



[$ 9,678.00]

Excluded permanently

19.  New Park Sign ‘See #6, $2500 already incl.’



[$ 2,500.00]

Excluded for 2008

20.  Basketball court stripping



[$    650.00]

Included for 2008  if donated

21. Concrete Skate Bench



[$ 3,300.00]

Included for 2008  if donated

21. Steel Pipe



[$ 2,350.00]

Included for   Included for 2008  if donated

r at no

22. Pavement at Skate Bench



[$ 3,311.43]


Total of Items considered cutting for 2008(less if secondary included)=                                                                           Total Deducted=      [$80747.94]            


Questions from November 16th meeting answered at November 28th meeting:


1.  How much is the maintenance agreement vs. cost of trees?

    Ask on separation of costs: trees, planting and maintaining.

Jonathan: This is not on the table. Parks has mandated, because of shortage of staff and funding, that all trees planted in parks will require a maintenance agreement.


5.  Note: Cost of concrete paving for two picnic tables would be eliminated.

This is now included in chart and deducted from the total costs.


13. Could concrete strip be installed at the present time?

Yes, Parks Department will pay for the concrete strip @ $1,600.


21. Ask Jonathan where skate bench would go? We would agree with the installation of the skate bench if the total amount was donated.

The placement of the skate bench is still under consideration. The donor will donate maximum of $5000. Jonathan will design the bench to meet this donation and will find a placement on installed concrete. The cost will not need additional grant funding and will come in at the $5000 donation amount.



Wine and Roses Garden Club Committee Report

No written report submitted.


Quality Committee Report

No written report submitted.


York Neighborhood Association and Projects

 Treasury Report

November 20, 2007-December 19, 2007

Submitted by Helen Jackson, Treasurer


            Previous Balance=                                                            $ 1108.13

Donations=                                                                                         $   100.00

Interest= (previous interest $1.77 & $3.24)                                         $       3.05

City of Bellingham Grants-Repay for expenses=                               $    403.77     

Expenses (YNA)=                                                                               ($   -746.88)


Total Balance for YNA and Projects (December 19, 2007)=         $    868.07                


Balance of Designated Accounts (2007)

Total Funds Available

Plus interest of $8.06

York Neighborhood Association 

Franklin Park and Street Island

Historic Preservation

Rock Hill


Plan Update Grant of $2500

remaining $





remaining $

Small & Simple Grant


remaining $

$ 868.07

$  315.88


$ 130.00






November/December Donations for York Neighborhood Association and Projects

Donation Totals

York Neighborhood Association

Franklin Park Projects

Historic Preservation

Rock Hill Park



$  0.00

$  0.00

  $  0.00


2007-Expense Totals for York Neighborhood Association

York Neighborhood Association

Printing of Newsletters



Supplies and Services


$     1910.93

$ 1387.52

$   6.41

$  82.00

$  410.00

$ 25.00


November/December Expenses for YNA and Projects

Expense Totals

York Neighbor-hood Association

Franklin Park Projects

Historic Preservation

Rock Hill Park

Plan Update Grant of $2500







Small &

Simple Grant

$   746.88

$   746.88

$    .00

$ .00

$   .00

$   .00*

$    .00*

$   .00*



*Due from the city on grants:

 - Small and Simple =              $633.02

 -  Plan Update =                      $      .00

 -  Neighborhood Support=    $      .00

                               Total=      $  633.02