York Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

7:00 – 8:55 pm

Garden Street United Methodist Church



Present:  Anne Mackie, Barbara Davenport, Jessica Bandstra, Carolyn Mulder, Seth Cool, Tom Scott and Libby Stark.  Helen Jackson, George Liepart indicated they would not be present.


Guests: Jeremy Nunikhoven, Eric and Devon (WWU students), Carol (WWU transportation advisor)


Announcements:  Libby Stark announced that cards are being circulated for Seth Cool (recently married) and Jeff and Sarah bates (new baby).


Approval of minutes:  Barbara Davenport made a motion to approve the minutes from the August board meeting.   Carolyn Mulder seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


I.  Current issues with an upcoming deadline:


·        WWU late night shuttle:  Eric and Devon, along with Carol, were present to discuss the new late night shuttle.  The shuttle will run 7 days a week after WTA has stopped running, from 2300 – 0200.  WWU students voted in spring 2007 on this proposition and it passed with 80% of the vote.  WWU has contracted with WTA to use their existing stops.  This shuttle has the support of both the Bham Police Department and the University Police.  According to the WWU representatives, students on board the shuttle bus will be property of the University Police.  The shuttle busses are the size of the Skat busses and the drivers are contracted with Bellair.  This project will be evaluated every quarter.  Anne Mackie raised concern about the route of the busses through the York Neighborhood on Potter Street.  Of particular note is the noise caused by the bus and loud students gathering in a residential area.  Issues were also raised about public safety (i.e. drinking) and students being dropped off at the park ‘n ride.   Crossing Lakeway drunk was of concern to the WWU representatives.  YNA was not contacted by WWU regarding the route through the neighborhood.  Carolyn made a motion stating the YNA board would like the WWU student representatives for this transportation committee to consider Lakeway Drive to Ellis Street instead of Potter to Ellis for the route of the shuttle bus.  Tom Scott seconded.  Seth Cool made an amendment that the board is in support of this shuttle in concept.  The motion passed unanimously.


·        MNAC representative:  This is Tom Scott’s last term, although he is unsure of the exact ending date.  An alternate is currently needed.  Libby and Helen Jackson would like to job-share this position.  Tom made a motion for Libby and Helen to be the next MNAC representatives; Anne seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  It was requested that the MNAC reps email the “just so you are aware” newsletter to all board members.


·        New board members:  Board elections will be held January 2008 or February 2008.  There will be several open positions including president, vice-president, secretary, transportation liaison, student rep (currently needed) and newsletter editor.  Several names were mentioned as possible new board members. 


·        General meeting 10/10:  The next general meeting will be held at the GSUMC and Anne is hoping Chris Koch from the COB Planning Department will be able to attend.  More publicity is needed—perhaps another flyer / postcard?  Sandwich boards and campaign signs were also mentioned as possibilities for publicity.  Jeremy is able to make sandwich boards if needed.  Tom will go to Signs By Tomorrow to check on the cost of campaign signs.


·        Tree planting: Nick Hartrich is in Nepal but will still coordinate this project.  The money will need to be spent by 12/31.


·        School reunion and picnic 9/22: Cakes for the cakewalk are still needed as is a face painter.  Hot dogs will be picked up Friday.  Jeremy Nunikhoven will find corn.   Carolyn has asked the Honeybees (a singing group) to sing at the picnic.  Anne made a motion to spend $50 from the York treasury for music in addition to money from the grant.  Carolyn seconded and the motion passed unanimously.   Helpers are needed to assist with set-up and take-down on Saturday.


II. Committee reports:


·        Planning Committee:  See attached provided by Anne.


·        Disaster Preparedness Committee:  See attached provided by Libby.


·        Historic Preservation Committee:  See attached provided by Barbara.


·        Rock Hill Park Steward:  George was not in attendance; however there is mulch that needs to be spread.


·        Franklin Park Committee:  Volunteers continue to work at the park.


·        Garden Club: See attached provided by Carol Dixon.


·        Quality Committee: Lesley Keenholts has sent a letter to City Council regarding landlord accountability.  There is no contractor to clean-up / maintain the grassy triangle section between I-5 and James Street.  Jeremy reports significant concerns.


·        Treasurer:  See attached provided by Helen.


III. Current Issues




Topics for next board meeting: parking permits for YN.


The meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Submitted by Libby Stark































York Neighborhood Association and Projects

 Treasury Report

August 15, 2007 – September 19, 2007

Submitted by Helen Jackson, Treasurer


                Previous Balance=                                   $ 1480.42

Donations=                                                   $  535.00

Interest= (previous interest $1.77 & $3.24)                                   $    0.00

City of Bellingham Repay for expenses=                             $  490.86

Expenses=                                                           ($ -490.86)


Total Balance for YNA and Projects (September 19, 2007)=  $ 2015.42


Balance of Designated Accounts (2007)

Total Funds Available

Plus interest of $5.01

York Neighborhood Association 

Franklin Park and Street Island

Historic Preservation

Rock Hill


Plan Update Grant of $2500

Small & Simple Grant

Of $2500


$ 1466.28


$ 130.00

$ 10.00




August/September Donations for York Neighborhood Association and Projects

Donation Totals

York Neighborhood Association

Franklin Park Projects

Historic Preservation

Rock Hill Park

$ 535.00


$   0.00

$  0.00

$  $  0.00


2007-Expense Totals for York Neighborhood Association

York Neighborhood Association

Printing of Newsletters



Supplies and Services


$     1466.28

$ 693.76

$   .00

$  41.00

$  10 .00

$ 25.00


August/September Expenses for YNA and Projects

Expense Totals

York Neighborhood Association

Franklin Park Projects

Historic Preservation

Rock Hill Park

Small &

Simple Grant

$  .00

$   00.00

$    .00

$ .00

$   .00

($ 101.87)


Thanks greatly to George for contacting businesses for donations.

 We have such a team working together for our neighborhood!


Disaster Preparedness Meeting Notes

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Attendees:  Carol Dixon, Kirsten Shore, George Liepart, Libby Stark


1)      Libby will write the newsletter article for the Yorker

2)      Carol (and any others who are interested) will attend the MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) training with LouAnn Johnson on 9/27 from 6:30 – 8:30 at City Hall.  Contact Carol if you are interested in attending.

3)      Committee members are encouraged to recruit “block captains” who will participate in mapping their neighborhood and act as liaisons between their neighborhood and this committee.  Carol will train these “block captains” later in September at the next Disaster Preparedness meeting.

4)      Libby will ask Anne Mackie for a list of the owner / renter occupied houses in York in order to give guidance to block captains.

5)      Carol, and others, will be tabling at the York picnic on 9/23 at Franklin Park.  Carol is organizing the tabling and hoping to work with the Red Cross and scouting groups.  Don Davis, from COB Emergency Management office, will also be in attendance.


Historic Preservation Committee Report
Sept. 19, 2007

No meeting in Sept. Next meeting, Tues.  Oct. 16, 7:00 p.m. Location, TBA.

Grant to help with York National Historic District Application:
Expected start time: January 2008.  Katie Franks will be sending out a proposal to hire consultant soon.  Consultant will help with 3 neighborhoods: York, South Hill and Letter Sts.  The 3 neighborhoods will work together. Barbara is contact person for York, Sue Hines, South Hill, Letter Sts. TBA.  Volunteer training will be offered in January.We¹ll need to recruit volunteers.

House inventory:
York will probably have  service learning students from WWU for fall quarter to continue work on inventory of houses.  Barbara attended WWU service learning training Sept.  12 and will promote York project at first class Sept. 26.

Historic Trees:

506 Potter  Big Leaf Maple cannot be saved according to Arborist  who was called by the developer.  Plans continue to encourage all neighborhoods to nominate a favorite tree.

Oral Histories and photos/ School reunion:
3 people  phoned Barbara (as a result of Dean Kahn¹s B-ham Herald  article
on school). Two have class photos and will bring them to the picnic.


Wine and Roses Garden Club Committee Report

The Wine and Roses Garden Club October meeting will be held on October 24 at 7:00 pm.  A host house has not been selected.  On the agenda will be the annual Christmas Progressive Dinner.   No club meeting was scheduled for September.