York Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, July 15, 2007

7:07 – 8:50 pm

Nelson’s Market



Present:  Anne Mackie, Jeff Bates, Carol Dixon, Tom Scott, Carolyn Mulder, Leslie Hill, Helen Jackson, and Libby Stark.  George Liepart, Seth Cool, Lisa McShane, Barbara Davenport indicated they would not be present.


Guests: Lesley Keenholts, Laura and Rick Witt


Announcements:   Anne Mackie noted she will be hosting a neighborhood party for Dan McShane (candidate for mayor) on 7/28 from 6-10 at her home.  The League of Women Voters are hosting a mayoral candidate forum this Wednesday at 7 at the Muni Court building.  Board members are encouraged to attend.


Approval of minutes:  Anne made a motion to approve the minutes from the June board meeting.   Helen Jackson seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


I.  Questions regarding committee reports:










II.  Current issues with an upcoming deadline:


·        Safe pedestrian crossing across Lakeway:  Helen reported that we will need to go through Public Works for the crosswalk.  The Planning Department notes that Public Works will want an overhead crosswalk as they (apparently) won’t want to stop traffic on Lakeway.  The Parks Department will not include the pedestrian crossing in their master plan for Franklin Park.  Alan Matsumoto, Sehome NA President, has spoken with the city regarding a pedestrian crossing across Samish Way and reports that the city wants the neighborhood to measure how much foot traffic occurs across Samish (and Lakeway for Yorkers).  Helen will form a crosswalk committee to begin to explore this survey.


·        4-plex at 506 Potter:  The hearing with the hearing examiner will be Wednesday, July 25 at 6 pm.  Yorkers can bring written comments (x 2, one for examiner and one for records) and are welcome to speak at the hearing.  Anne made a motion to have Tom send an email out to the whole YN list on behalf of the board notifying them of the hearing.  Libby seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  There are still concerns that even with the re-design the new structure will be too large for the site.  There are worries over the stewardship of the property.  City code, the accurate square footage of the property, setbacks, parking and the footprint were discussed.  Setting precedent for teardowns in other neighborhoods was mentioned.  This teardown of an historic house would affect the ratio for historic designation.   


·        Franklin Park Alley:  committee members will discuss with neighbors and report back to board when appropriate.


·        WWU late night shuttle:  Elliott was not in attendance, but Anne reported there is talk at WWU of a shuttle taking students from downtown back to WWU.  It is not known whether the shuttle will stop on arterials or drive through the neighborhood.  Jeff Bates will investigate with the Campus Community Coalition.


·        Neighborhood zoning:  Tom will send an email notifying Yorkers of a new committee being formed on zoning.  Jeff will draft a letter to the city in support of a vibrant downtown with music and nightlife.  The goal is to encourage an energetic urban center to reduce neighborhood noise, parties, litter, etc.


III.  Current issues:







Topics for next board meeting: discussion of new agenda format, Franklin School reunion and picnic


The meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Submitted by Libby Stark