York Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

7:05 – 8:50 pm

Nelson’s Market



Present:  Helen Jackson, Lisa McShane, Elliott Smith, Anne Mackie, Sarah Bates, Jessica Bandstra, Barbara Davenport, Seth Cool, Carol Dixon, George Liepart, Nick Hill, Leslie Hill and Libby Stark.



Ø      Elliott Smith announced he will be on the WWU CCC enforcement committee.  Elliott is also able to print out copies of our agendas, if needed, at WWU.

Ø      Anne Mackie said there is a CCC meeting on 5/4 at 11:45; it was suggested that Jeff Bates attend along with Elliott.  Sarah will follow up with Jeff. 

Ø      Helen Jackson thanked Anne for letting the board use Nelson’s.  The board will need to find a new meeting location for the April meeting as Nelson’s is opening its cafe.  George Liepart offered the use of his home.

Ø      Anne said the Small and Simple grant is completed (two grants, $1200 each).  One grant will be for tree planting and the other for the Franklin School reunion.  Two committee chairs will be needed for these projects.

Ø      The Signs By Tomorrow owners and YN residents are moving out of the neighborhood.  A $25 gift card to a local nursery will be given as a thank you gift for their support.

Ø      Jessica Bandstra reported that York came in 7th or 8th in the PSE Green Energy Challenge. 


I.  Current issues with an upcoming deadline:




II.  Committee Reports:








III.  Current issues:





Topics for next board meeting: grant writing, newsletter, planning committee.


The meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Submitted by Libby Stark