York Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

7:03 – 8:40 pm

Nelson’s Market



Present:  Tom Scott, Helen Jackson, Anne Mackie, Jessica Bandstra, Barbara Davenport and Libby Stark.  George Liepart, Judy Bachman and Amelia Lunde indicated they would not be present.


Oso Keeler, former board member, attended as a guest. 


Announcements:  Judy Bachman is moving at the end of August to the Portland area.  A farewell party will be held at the July meeting.  The city of Bellingham is not paying for the “Welcome to the York Neighborhood” sign repair.  YNA is covering the costs.  Libby and Barbara are neighborhood conflict managers through WWU Campus Coalition and Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center.  Barbara noted that Puget Sound Energy has a form for green energy donations and the area that donates the most receives a prize. 















Topics for next board meeting: General membership picnic


The meeting adjourned at 8:40.


Submitted by Libby Stark