York Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Sunday, March 20, 2005, 1:00 p.m., at Nelson’s Market


Present:  Judy Bachman, Vale Bates, Kathy Johnson, Amelia Lunde, Anne Mackie, Carolyn Mulder, Joe Van Laeken.

Absent:  Greg & Oso Keeler, Tom Scott, David Wainright.


I.          Introductions / Agenda Review

II.         Old Business

            A. Fund raising & Membership drive

            Anne reported that $760 has been collected since the fund raising letter was mailed out in February with the historic walking tour map.  It was agreed that we will print a list of donors in the next newsletter.


B. 2005 Board Elections – Names were selected for the non-profit status filing form.  The treasury will cover the $10 annual filing fee.


III.        New Business 

A.        Neighborhood Meeting – Wed., April 6, 7:00 p.m. at WECU Ed Center with speaker Jeff Peterson, Dept of Transportation – Should we invite Parks Dept?  Anne will notify the Parks Dept. of the meeting and encourage a rep to attend.

Questions for DOT:  1) landscaping; 2) fence along Lakeway Dr.; 3) park light; 4) retention pond fencing & safety issue; 5) open space along James St.; 6) transient problem at Lakeway Exit.


Do we want any other meeting topics (such as Code Enforcement officer and Litter Officer)?  It was agreed not to have a second speaker but to include time for discussion of the spring clean-up project and other committee reports.


B.        Spring Yorker Newsletter

Suggested articles (names indicate who will provide article):

            1)  April 6 meeting announcement (Anne)

            2)  City Attorney/CCC deferment program with York (Anne)

            3)  Butterfly Garden grant (Anne)

            4)  Garden Club – Sat. May 21 Rock Hill clean up with Greenways and next meeting announcement (Amelia)

            5)  Historic Preservation Committee meeting announcement (Kathy)

            6)  Treasurer’s report & list of donations/names (Anne)

            7)  Dumpster Day announcement – what can/cannot be dumped (Anne)

            8)  New Board profiles – photo and brief blurb about each person (each individual)

            9)  Membership donation form

            10) Other ideas? – Franklin Park project (Judy)

            11)  Ads


C.        Jobs for Board Members

1.  Secretary – It was agreed to put an announcement in the newsletter requesting a volunteer with secretarial experience; also, to ask for volunteers at each general meeting.  The person needs to have computer access. Meeting minutes need to get posted on the website.

2.  Organize better distribution of newsletter – Anne, Carolyn, and Vale will work on identifying block captains for distribution; call them ahead of time to get their commitment, and call them the day before the newsletter needs to be handed out.  We will also pursue getting the corner signs made.

3.  Dumpster Day – get volunteers to man the dumpster; get trucks lined up – Carolyn volunteered to be the “2005 Dumpster Queen”; Anne will secure the dumpster from SSC and dumping rights with Recomp.

4.  Butterfly Garden project – The Small & Simple grant for $2500 was awarded York; the committee will begin work following the April 6 general meeting.

5.  Citywide Organizations: 

·          Mayor’s Advisory Council (Tom Scott is the mayor’s appointee);

·          Assoc. of Bham Neighborhoods (Tom and Anne co-reps; other board members encouraged to attend if interested; next meeting Mon. March 21, 7:00 p.m., carpool from Nelson’s at 6:45);

·          Campus Community Coalition (Joe Van Laeken and Anne Mackie are co-reps.; Meth Action Team (Anne Mackie is rep until someone else wants to do it); Homeless Coalition (Joe Van Laeken is interested).


IV.       Other Agenda Items


V.        Next Board meeting – The board will meet the third Sunday at 5:00 p.m. at Nelson’s Market.  The next meeting is Sunday, April 17.


The meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Anne Mackie