York Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Nelson’s Market


Members Present: Anne Mackie, Jan Driscoll, Habiba Sial, Donna Haines, Carolyn Mulder, Mary Fraser, Laura Witt, Tom Scott, Teresa Schmidt


Members Absent: Will Heaton, Greg & Oso Keeler, Chris Neumann, David Wiggs

I.        Introductions, Agenda Review

a.   Members introduced themselves and welcomed new members Jan, Habiba and Donna.

b.   Anne stated that she prepared agenda based on several items left from the recent YNA meeting.  Discussion ensued regarding board positions and associated duties; Anne stated her desire to continue as Treasurer but not Secretary.

c.   Agreed to rotate minute-taking duties at meetings until Secretary position filled.  Agreed to keep YNA archival records at current “home,” which is Anne’s residence.

d.   Teresa offered to take minutes.

e.   Discussion ensued regarding YNA’s classification. Tom explained we are not a 501 3C, which is a non-profit organization that accepts tax-exempt donations from individuals. Tom and Anne stated that a reason we may want to consider changing our tax status in the future would be to qualify for certain grants only available to 501 3C’s.


II.        Discussion of Board Structure

a.   Newsletter Editor/Coordinator.  Someone needed to fill this position, to distribute article-writing duties among board members, YNA members, interested residents, and to compile articles/letters and get them to Greg Heffron, who does newsletter layout.

            Donna asked how often newsletter is distributed. Anne explained it comes out before meetings only; therefore frequency of publishing predicated on frequency of meetings. Further explained that length varies according to amount of material.


            Laura asked if website would eventually replace printed newsletter. Carolyn stated that the newsletter reaches everyone; Anne stated that not all residents have computers.

b.   YNA website.  Laura stated that Greg Robanser apologized for not getting back to her regarding her desire to write a newsletter article about his website, which features vintage and historic Pacific Northwest homes.  Asked if we want to link YNA site to his.  Tom briefly explained the scope of the website, that it is still “under construction” and until complete, would prefer not to link to other sites.  Photos and articles are being added.  Teresa asked what Tom needed from board to help complete.  Advertising fees a possibility, newsletter needs also. Website is www. yorkneighborhood.org.

III.              Rezone – South of Lakeway

a.       Habiba asked to skip to agenda item III, because of limited time.  Carolyn highlighted Sheri Ward’s piece in the latest Whatcom Independent newspaper. All agreed it was a great article. Tom distributed extra copies of paper. Anne reported she wrote letter to editor thanking her for publishing.

b.      Anne stated her telephone is ringing off the hook with homeowners and residents wanting to know what they can do to help prevent proposed rezone. Suggested having a special meeting to tackle this issue. Carolyn stated YNA has attempted to pull more membership from south of Lakeway; this is a good chance to accomplish that goal.  Anne suggested adding an additional board member from SOL. Teresa mentioned forming a committee to handle the duties associated with fighting the rezone.

c.       Decided on next steps. Tom suggested that a committee run by a board member would be helpful; an additional board member would make the group unwieldy.  Anne mentioned Whatcom Educators Credit Union offers a free meeting space on Holly St. With deadline looming, important to schedule meeting soon.  Group requesting rezone must file application by Friday, February 13, then we’ll know timeline for Planning Commission meeting, etc.

d.      Tom asked if Frank Muljat should receive a letter from the neighborhood before this deadline.  The Board decided time did not permit this.  Habiba volunteered to organize the committee, starting with list of interested parties, to be provided her by Anne.  Habiba will then set meeting date and inform board of time and place.  Interested board members will attend to assist.

e.       Tom stated that the more letters generated to the Planning Commission, the better. City Council and Muljat Realtors should also receive “carbon copies” of said letters.  Someone asked if a petition would be effective.  Decided to place one at Nelson’s Market, but letters are the key. Teresa suggested a letter-writing event. No decision made on this.

IV.            Continue Board Structure Discussion

a.       Newsletter Distribution Coordinator.  Position needs to be filled. Discussed former distribution structure dissolved over time. Teresa asked about “take one” boxes to be put around neighborhood. All agreed it is a good idea to have a combination of boxes plus individual delivery. Donna volunteered to coordinate block captains for distribution.  No further discussion on take one boxes.

b.      Garden Club Coordinator. Schedules Wine and Roses Garden Club activities. Jan agreed to serve. Brief discussion of Rock Hill Park and grant that may be pending for purchase of abandoned property bordering the park.  Appreciation to Anne for taking the initiative to write the proposal and get it in before the deadline.

c.       Spring Clean-Up Coordinator. Contacts SSC for dumpster, informs Gladys (Glad Rags owner) of date, publicizes event in newsletter and fliers, and solicits volunteers. Carolyn agreed to serve.

d.      Historic Preservation Committee. Discussion ensued as to what would be involved. Several members interested, but prefer no deadlines for project. Laura and Teresa agreed to coordinate interested residents and pursue project.

V.               Community Groups & YNA Representatives

a.       Mayor’s Advisory Commission. Tom is our representative, Carolyn is the alternate.

b.      Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods.  Anne reported that the YNA representative, Warren Sheay, resigned his positions on the YNA Board and the ABN. She was informed that the next meeting is the York Neighborhood’s responsibility to chair. Minutes and agenda were to be prepared.  Agreed that Carolyn, Anne and Tom will attend. Carolyn expressed interest in observing this group with possibility of serving as YNA rep. Anne stated this group is charged with reviewing the Bellingham Comprehensive Plan.

c.       Campus Community Coalition.  Mary will continue as YNA representative for the CCC. She will be unable to attend the next meeting, March 12.  Tom agreed to attend in her place.  Mary will bring Tom up to date on activities.

VI.            Next Meeting Date

Monday, March 8, 7:30 p.m.  Nelson’s Market


Submitted:  Teresa Schmidt