Historic Preservation Committee Report
Sept. 19, 2007

No meeting in Sept. Next meeting, Tues.  Oct. 16, 7:00 p.m. Location, TBA.

Grant to help with York National Historic District Application:
Expected start time: January 2008.  Katie Franks will be sending out a proposal to hire consultant soon.  Consultant will help with 3 neighborhoods: York, South Hill and Letter Sts.  The 3 neighborhoods will work together. Barbara is contact person for York, Sue Hines, South Hill, Letter Sts. TBA.  Volunteer training will be offered in January.Wešll need to recruit volunteers.

House inventory:
York will probably have  service learning students from WWU for fall quarter to continue work on inventory of houses.  Barbara attended WWU service learning training Sept.  12 and will promote York project at first class Sept. 26.

Historic Trees:

506 Potter  Big Leaf Maple cannot be saved according to Arborist  who was called by the developer.  Plans continue to encourage all neighborhoods to nominate a favorite tree.

Oral Histories and photos/ School reunion:
3 people  phoned Barbara (as a result of Dean Kahnšs B-ham Herald  article
on school). Two have class photos and will bring them to the picnic.