Planning Committee:  Submitted by Anne Mackie



The York Planning Committee has a 24-person roster of participants and interested residents.  There have been approximately 12 consistently active members.  It has been meeting since February ’07; and beginning in April it has held two meetings per month:  one a business meeting and one a “walk around” through one of the neighborhood’s areas.



  1. All sub-areas of the neighborhood have been toured and are being written up for the committee with the exception of the north section of Area 5, which will be toured on August 20.


Current tasks:

  1. A neighborhood needs assessment survey will be issued within the next week. A postcard is being printed and mailed this week announcing the survey and how people can get a copy to answer.
  2. Target date for the survey results to be issued is Sept. 22 to coincide with the annual neighborhood picnic.  An information table at the picnic will be staffed by committee members.
  3. The Wed. October 10 neighborhood meeting will be dedicated to the Plan Update committee and will include breakouts into work groups to begin the concrete rewrite of the plan. These groups will meet for a few months, and then the first draft of the plan will be collected.
  4. Letter of Intent to file the neighborhood plan update in 2008 is due to the city by December 1, 2007.



We will submit the costs of the survey, the postcard printing/mailing to the city for reimbursement.