Historic Preservation Committee:Submitted by Barbara Davenport


No meeting held in July.Next Meeting: Tuesday, Aug 14, 7-8:30.Nelsonís Market.Nnotes from 8/14/07 meeting:


1. Update on grant to help with historic districts--Katie Franks:Katie reported that Bellingham has received $150,000 to hire a consultant for 2 years to assist 3 neighborhoods (York; Lettered Streets, and South Hill) to collect data on old  houses and help prepare application for national historic designation. York neighborhood needs volunteers to help with photography, oral histories, historic research, and web design.
Volunteer hours will count toward matching funds (see Appendice Grant summary and York maps).

2.Historic House and neighborhood research: Carol Kelm is researching the history of individual houses in our neighborhood.

3. Design Standards for Multi-residential units:Inter-neighborhood Architectural Design Standards≤ committee, comprised of members of various neighborhoods, including York and Sehome , is working collaboratively  to develop design criteria to incorporate into
neighborhood plans so that the character of the neighborhood is preserved.For more information contact: Lynn Gobush  <rgo9932@msn.com>

4.  506 Potter Street:Hearing examiner ruled that 506 Potter can be torn
down but new structure must be same footprint as existing one (about 2,100 sq. feet) and maximum of 4 units. Big Leaf Maple is to be preserved).General feeling among the group was that the ruling was fair.Barbara voiced concern about environmental issues with the tear down including possible hazardous substances such as lead paint and asbestos dust, disposal of materials. She'll contact health dept.

5 .Local historic designation status:Barbara is collecting information from other cities regarding local historic designation process. None have the ≥one lot one vote system. NorthSlope historic district in Tacoma  uses same application process as for an
individual  historic house (see Appendises for NorthSlope historic district info).

6. School Reunion and Franklin Park Picnic:  Graduates of Franklin School (1904-1972) and Lincoln School (l891-1951) will be invited to attend York  Franklin  Park Picnic.
Sat., Sept. 22, 2007 3-6 p.m. at Franklin Park.Food and fun and lots of good
 Bring photos.Anne will handle publicity.  Posters have been printed and will be distributed to senior centers.

7. Neighborhood Plan update:Anne reported on planning committee progress. Survey is forthcoming. Walking tour assessment of neighborhood has been completed.Anne suggested 3 historic districts; (1)York; (2) Franklin Park Historic District and (3) Magnolia ( triangle).  Anne handed out map of areas.

8. Tree Preservation: Barbara reported that work continues on a tree preservation ordinance for Bellingham; (1) collecting ordinances from other cities; (2) consulting with planning and parks dept; (3 encouraging neighborhoods to include tree preservation in their updates; (4) developing guidelines for tree preservation during construction--test case 506 Potter.

9.Preservation Efforts around town:A. South Hill held a successful house tour. About 250 tickets sold.B.  Neighborhood Coalition. Considering another meeting with all
neighborhoods interested in preservation.


Next Meeting: Tues, Sept 18th 7:00 Location to be announced.