York Planning Committee Report

July 15, 2007

Submitted by committee chair, Anne Mackie



The York Planning Committee has a 24-person roster of participants and interested residents.  There have been approximately 12 consistently active members.  It has been meeting since February ’07; and beginning in April it has held two meetings per month:  one a business meeting and one a “walk around” through one of the neighborhood’s areas.



  1. A letter of invitation to join the committee was issued in March to possible committee recruits.
  2. Attended Sehome Neighborhood planning meetings; collaborative work with Sehome continues.
  3. Areas 1, 2, 4, and 9 have been toured as a group and written reports will be forthcoming on each plus Area 6.
  4. Areas 8 and 5 will be completed in August.


Current tasks:

  1. A neighborhood needs assessment survey has been prepared and will be issued by August 1, with a postcard to be mailed to each residence, property owner or business owner announcing the survey web address (for filling out the online survey); or a person can request a paper copy. 
  2. Target date for the survey results to be issued is Sept. 22 to coincide with the annual neighborhood picnic.
  3. An information table at the picnic will be staffed by committee members.
  4. First general public York planning meeting scheduled for Wed. October 10, at which work groups will be formed to manage the details of rewriting the neighborhood plan.
  5. Letter of Intent to file the neighborhood plan update in 2008 is due to the city by December 1, 2007.



Monthly costs for the survey software $19.99 (through surveymonkey.com) and the post card printing and mailing will be funded through the city’s grant to neighborhoods for their plan update work.


Board decision needed:

     To confirm date of October 10 for first general membership meeting dedicated to the neighborhood plan update process.