York Neighborhood Planning Committee

Monday, March 3, 2008

7:00 p.m. Nelson’s Market


Attendees: Anne, Libby, Helen, Stina, Lynn, Jeremy, Nick, David


  1. agenda review—add email issue (Jeremy)


  1. Wilson Motors update- letter sent out by Nick (discussed at last Board meeting)


  1. Linda Stewart’s Neighborhood Newsletter should be e-linked to Board (Libby)


  1. Sehome needs someone to attend Samish Way Urban Village planning committee


  1. Housing sub-group write-up discussion

Overall outreach effort by Planning Committee should be aggressive –

Businesses, students, phone calls, newsletters (Lynn)

see Planning Committee calendar (Anne)

                        Send out draft of this committee’s write-up to committee (Libby)

                        Ask Chris Koch to attend a planning meeting to discuss ADU’s (Anne)

                        Coordinate with yet unformed Land Use Sub-group


  1. Transportation and Traffic subgroup discussion

Lakeway and Ellis Street traffic number one concern (consensus)

Major divider of 3 sections of neighborhood; adds to vulnerability of 

            Magnolia Triangle section being left to businesses only

Talk with Planned Parenthood’s expansion plans vis a vis that intersection with Wilson Motors (Rite-Aid?) : prime corner for multi-use (pocket zone 5A); height limits (Anne) (Land Use sub-group?)

Businesses should have buffers between parking and sidewalks (Anne, Helen)

New bus route through neighborhood rescinded (Dave)


  1. Neighborhood Survey results and comments available to Planning Committee

Confidentiality  issue (Helen)- further discussion next meeting


  1. Future meeting dates- change to first Tuesday of month at 7 p.m.


9.   YNA email listing- Jeremy will make changes so that we won’t get double mails

       and will be able to follow conversations by issue