DRAFT Minutes

York Neighborhood Planning Committee

Monday, January 07, 2008

7:00 p.m., Garden Street Methodist Church


Attendees: Anne Mackie, Libby Stark, Lynn Gobush, Tom Scott,  Jeremy Nunnikoven, Lena Bagwell, Kirsti Charleton, David Campbell, Helen Jackson, Nick Hartrich, Stina Olsen


  1. Agenda Review


  1. Report from work groups


Neighborhood Design (Lynn):  Group has met once; working on educating  ourselves and examining other neighborhood standards


Parks, Recreation, Open Spaces (Helen): Group is meeting regularly, wants to coordinate with Transportation

                        Helen will email template to all committees of plan format

                        Anne will be keeper of master document

Transportation/Traffic (Dave): Group is in its “infancy”, crosswalk priority


Housing (Nick):  Guidelines for conditional use, ADUs, landlord accountability


  1. Committee Work Schedule and Target Dates for 2008


February- whole committee meets to work on Transportation, Parks

March-     whole group meets to work on Neighborhood Design, Housing    

April-       land use and other sub-areas

May-        (early)  Neighborhood General Meeting to present drafts

August-    Neighborhood General Meeting to present revisions

October-   Neighborhood General Meeting to approve final draft

November- submit Neighborhood Plan Update to city

  1. Plans for January 17 General Meeting

                         Sign distribution to publicize on Saturday Jan. 12- Jeremy

                         Bring cookies!  Invite others personally

                         Each work group come prepared to present a brief, “punchy” pitch

  1. Survey work-  need volunteers to input data
  2. Communication between sub-groups encouraged since there is overlap



NEXT MEETING:  Monday, February 4, 7:00 P.M.



Minutes submitted by Lynn Gobush