York Neighborhood Association


Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005, 6:30 p.m., at Nelsonís Market


Present:Judy Bachman, Amelia Lunde, Anne Mackie, Tom Scott, Joe Van Laeken, and David Wainwright

Absent:Vale Bates, Carolyn Mulder, Oso & Greg Keeler

Guests:Libby Stark and Helen Jackson


1.††††††††††† Introductions & Announcements

Libby Stark and Helen Jackson attended the meeting and are interested in joining the board.Vale Bates will be on leave for three months; she is doing her practice teaching in Spain. Jessica (last name?; works at Garden St. Methodist Church) has volunteered to do the design for the Yorker Newsletter, to replace Greg Heffron who is resigning.Cyndy Kaufman has volunteered to be the editor.


2.                  Discussion on board responsibilities and new membership

Copies of the By-Laws were distributed.It was agreed that the By-Laws need to be updated; revisions will be shared via email prior to the next board meeting.Discussion points regarding a process for adding new board members included: (a)A person must attend one board meeting and one general membership meeting before being added to the board.; and (b) they need to take on a project or assist with a project or committee.


3.                  Plans for the neighborhood picnic, Sept. 18, 3 to 6 pm.

The board agreed to not pay for musicians, but to put out a tip jar. Anne and David will look into whether or not we need a permit for the music. David will rent a generator. Anne has rented a port-a-potty.There will be a Sound Wall christening ceremony.Helen volunteered to purchase a beverage container. Joe and Anne will provide grills.Anne will organize kidsí activities and has invited a clown. Vivian Mazzola will do face painting (YNA needs to pay for her supplies).The Parks Dept. will be asked to provide garbage cans.


4.                  Plans for General Meeting and Candidatesí Night, Wed., Sept. 30, 7:00 pm at Garden St. United Methodist Church

Libby and Anne will attend the League of Women voters event Saturday and ask if they would like to assist with the meeting. It was agreed to allow each candidate 1-2 minutes of a prepared statement; questions will be solicited from the neighborhood via email; fliers will be handed out at the ABN meeting to invite other neighborhoods to participate.We will use a timer for speakers and have a sign up sheet for questions from the floor, if time permits. Libby, Tom, and Anne will organize the agenda and questions.Helen volunteered to get cookies donated. David will prepare the room; board members will arrive early to help set up.


Minutes submitted by Anne Mackie

Next Meeting:Thursday, October 13; 6:30 p.m. Nelsonís Market