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38th Annual Dumpster Day

Revised 2017-09-07 0340

Saturday, June 3, 2017 8:30am (not a minute earlier)
until the dumpster is full (probably by 10am, so don’t be late!)

Nelson’s Market, 514 Potter Street

York Neighborhood Association Treasurer Cory Anderson helps out during Dumpster Day 2017

Yorkers literally know how to clean up the streets of the neighborhood.  Aside from intermittent weekend volunteer clean-ups, Dumpster Day comes just once a year and provides a way to finally get rid of that old couch or mattress!

Thanks to generous donations by Sanitary Service Company (SSC) and Republic Services, the York Neighborhood Association is able to provide its Annual Dumpster Day as a service to residents.

Dumpster Day is run by volunteers driving small herds of trucks collecting trash from the alleys and streets of the neighborhood.  This popular event has the dumpster filled inside of two hours!  Dumpster Day is held each year in May or June, and time commitment in planning this event is minimal.

Please contact the York Neighborhood Association Board of Directors for further information or if you are interested in organizing this event.

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