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The York Neighborhood Association (YNA) exists to preserve and enhance the community and engage citizens in civic affairs. We work to promote a safe, comfortable, and thriving urban neighborhood bordering downtown Bellingham, Washington.

As a neighborhood, we are involved in planning for the future, historic preservation, traffic and pedestrian safety, social events, and park improvements. If you live or work in the York Neighborhood, we hope you’ll get involved!

Use our contact page to subscribe to the YNA List and indicate other interests.

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  • York Neighborhood General Membership Meeting

    Date/Time: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 7:00pm

    Location: Garden Street United Methodist Church, 1326 North Garden Street

    If you need child care at the meeting, please let us know by contacting so we can plan.

    6:30pm • Pot Luck Taco supper (confirmed)

    Our beverage will be Bellingham’s OWN delicious water.

    Coffee provided by Nelson’s Market/Marlins’ Cafe.

    6:40pm • Announcements:

    • Executive Committee election results, MNAC nominations and appointments
    • Officer Eric Osterkamp
    • Other…

    7:00pm • Business Meeting / Presentations


    • Housing discussion
      with Sean Wheeler
    • Pending Lakeway & Lincoln pedestrian and bicycle safety project (ES-538)
      with Bellingham Transportation Planner Chris Comeau & Freeman (Fritz) Anthony. The project is "intended to improve mobility and safety for pedestrians and cyclists across busy arterials and through the Puget and York neighborhoods. It will include the installation of four new Hi-intensity Crosswalks (HAWK) SIGNALS."

    Accessory Dwelling Unit. An additional residential unit on a lot.
    Detached ADU. An ADU with no significant connection (adjoining wall) to the primary dwelling unit of a given lot.
    Attached ADU. An ADU with significant connection (adjoining wall) to the primary dwelling unit of a given lot. An AADU can also be a partitioned off residence within the structure of the primary dwelling unit.
  • York Neighborhood Board Meeting

    Date/Time: Saturday, April 21, 2018, 8am

    Location: Garden Street United Methodist Church, 1326 N Garden St

    • TBA
  • Wine and Roses Garden Club Meeting

    Contact: Anne Mackie, Chair

  • Historic Preservation Committee Meeting

    Contact: Don Hilty-Jones

  • York S.T.A.R.s—Saturday Trash and Recyclers

    The York RATS pick up litter and cans to keep our neighborhood clean! Join us every other Saturday at 8:30am in front of Nelson’s Market.
    Contact: Looking for a new lead!

  • If you desire to present something to Yorkers:

    If you have a presentation you would like to give or a question to place before Yorkers and neighbors, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our President or Vice President, Kim Bogren Owen, or Tom Scott, respectively, and we will discuss opportunities. Please note meeting time can be limited, and contacting us well in advance really helps us allocate time for your topic.